Search resumes for Berkley man, but no sign of him

Donald Flint (Police photo)

It's been one week since a Berkley man was reported missing, and after suspending search efforts in the hot weather, police picked up the search again Thursday.

Donald Flint, 48, lives next to Myricks Airport, which is at the center of the search effort.

Flint has developmental disabilities. People said he'd often wander off into the woods for walks but always came back. About 15 years ago, the community searched for Flint for a few hours before he was found nearby.

Police said Flint was last seen on Padelford Street on June 7. The search effort has included officers with K-9s, horses, drones, and helicopters over the past week.

Local police are resuming the search with more help from state police, environmental police and Dartmouth fire crews.

Officers suspended the search at the beginning of the week because of record heat, but they tell us they are still hopeful.

"After working in this heat, the dogs were beat, horses were beat, officers were beat," Berkley Police Chief Scott Labonte said. "His chances are good. The weather's been good, a minimum amount of rain. The weather is warm so if he's out in the woods he can still survive this."

Police described Flint as 5 feet 10 inches tall and 180 pounds. He has brown eyes and very fine gray hair.

If you have information about Flint or his whereabouts, contact the Berkley Police Department at 508-822-7040.

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