Siblings reunite at Rhode Island beach after more than 20 years


It was a reunion more than two decades in the making.

NBC10 was there at Oakland Beach in Warwick, Rhode Island Sunday as 25 year old Lauren Malloy of Providence reunited with one of her older brothers Nick Kelly, whom she hadn’t seen in over twenty years.

Now age 36, Nick remembers the early years with his half-sister better than she does.

"She was really, really smart; growing up she taught herself to swim when she was like three," said Kelly.

Their Dad Thomas Kelly initially had three sons, Nick, as well as Thomas and Timmy.

He later had Lauren with her mom, who passed away when she was just two. By the time she was five, Lauren was adopted and that was the last she saw of her biological father and older brothers.

But she never forgot about them.

"I wanted to know who I was, where I came from, so for me it was a lifelong thing I just wanted to know who my family was," said Malloy.

Her first attempt to find her family when she was in college in 2010 came up empty handed. Then a month ago, through ancestry dot com, she was able to connected with some others who were also looking up her father Thomas Kelly’s family tree. A message from her biological aunt led Lauren to find out who her siblings were and she sent them messages through Facebook.

"I wrote ‘this is going to be the most random thing you get today, but I think I'm your sister and I'd like to know you and here's my name and number,’” recalled Malloy.

"I never stopped thinking about her but honestly I thought I'd never see her again," said Kelly who said he was pleased to get her message.

Through her search Lauren found out that in addition to the Kelly brothers her father, who has since passed away, had another son, while he was with Lauren’s mother. That sibling is Kyle Mathew, who also sat down with his siblings for an interview with NBC10 Sunday.

While Kyle did have contact with his Kelly siblings on and off over the years, he had never met Lauren.

While Nick remembers Lauren and Kyle spending some time together at a very young age, for all intents and purposes, they met for the first time this week, after she messaged him as well.

"I was nervous so like I ignored the message the whole day, and then at night I responded," said Mathew.

What’s made their reunion more incredible is that Lauren and Kyle realized they were both born just five days apart.

"It was interesting, funny, and we act similar so I was like yep, that's my sister," said Mathew chuckling.

Lauren is now eager to meet the next generation of Kellys, including Nick's unborn son who is due any day now, a child who will now grow up knowing the aunt, who's determination brought her back to the family she lost so long ago.

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