Thief takes packages from Providence home 2 days in a row, woman says

After getting a tracking email that her package arrived at her home in the Elmwood section of Providence, Rosnier Gonzalez said she came home to find it missing. (Surveillance photo)

A thief took off with packages that were delivered to Rosnier Gonzalez's front porch in Providence on Tuesday.

The suspect struck again on Wednesday.

In all, about $1,000 of merchandise is gone.

“I just found it so disrespectful because we're out working. It never happened. I do a lot of online shopping and I always find my packages,” Gonzalez told NBC 10 News on Thursday.

After getting a tracking email that her package arrived at her home in the Elmwood section of Providence on Tuesday, Gonzalez came home to find it missing.

So, she looked at her security camera footage and saw a man wearing a red sweatshirt grabbing her stuff.

Then, Gonzalez saw a story NBC 10 aired the same day about a package containing a new bike being stolen from outside a home about two miles away. She also saw a photo of the suspect.

“I logged into WJAR and I saw the guy and I'm like, ‘Oh my god. This is the guy who was out in my house,’” Gonzalez said.

On Wednesday, a man carrying a red sweatshirt took more packages from Gonzalez's porch.

She and her husband got home shortly after, with her husband spotting the suspect a couple blocks away with his arms full of stuff. He confronted the man and tackled him, but the suspect got away.

Still, Gonzalez's husband left with the man’s red sweatshirt.

Now, the family has a new plan for deliveries.

“I think I'm going to request, 'signature required,' because I don't want that to happen again,” Gonzalez said.

While the suspect is still at large, police have not yet publicly connected the theft at their house to the stolen bike NBC 10 reported Tuesday.

Contact police if you recognize the suspect or have information about the crime.

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