TSA has new protocol for electronics at T.F. Green Airport

TSA has a demonstration at T.F. Green Airport about types of explosives their agents are trying to prevent from getting on planes. (WJAR)

Travelers at T.F. Green Airport should expect a new change when they go through security.

Starting this week, some passengers will be required to take all electronics larger than a phone out of their carry-ons and place them into bins.

This is a nationwide change from the Transportation Security Administration as it receives more information that ISIS and other terrorists are looking at hiding explosives inside of electronics.

While TSA also checks for guns and knives, its biggest concern remains explosives.

On Wednesday, the TSA showed NBC 10 News replicas of bombs that have been successfully sneaked onto planes across the country and the world.

All TSA agents are being trained on this new protocol of looking specifically at electronics.

Currently one lane at T.F. Green Airport is requiring all passengers to remove electronics larger than a smartphone and place it in a bin. In the coming weeks, all passengers going through TSA will have to do so.

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