Washed-up humpback whale attracts crowd to Jamestown park


A humpback whale carcass is drawing dozens of visitors to Beavertail State Park in Jamestown.

Park officials said the carcass appeared on the rocks sometime between Thursday and Friday. The whale is more than 30 feet long and is estimated to be around 2-5 years old.

Dozens of people visited the park Sunday to see the large creature up close and take photos. Park officials warned people not to get too close to the whale as the rocks are dangerous and to be careful walking in the area that is full of poison ivy. The state’s Department of Environmental Management added it is against federal law to touch the whale.

Visitors said it was fascinating to see the whale but said it was a sad situation.

The park official on site said there are no wounds on the whale and it is possible the whale died due to a parasite.

They said the park is working with the Mystic Aquarium and DEM to put together a plan to remove the animal. The official said a crew would perform a necropsy Monday to determine the cause of death and the whale would likely be brought out to sea around high tide. The whale would then sink and become food for other creatures in the ocean.

Several young humpback whales have washed up on the shores of Rhode Island in the past. It is unclear where the whale had been prior to washing up in Jamestown or if it is related to the string of whale sightings around Narragansett and Block Island.

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