Woman convicted of 1980 satanic cult murder up for parole

Convicted killer Robin Murphy, who was involved in a devil-worshipping prostitution ring nearly 40 years ago, will appear before a parole board in Natick Tuesday, March 27, 2017. (Photo courtesy of The Herald News)

A convicted killer who was involved in a devil-worshipping prostitution ring nearly 40 years ago will appear before a parole board in Natick Tuesday.

Police said Robin Murphy, 54, was 17 years old when she pleaded guilty to murdering Karen Marsden.

But authorities believe she’s responsible for killing two other people, as well, including Doreen Levesque and Barbara Ann Raposa.

The idea that Murphy has a chance at parole sends chills down the spine of a former detective, who is now a Massachusetts state representative.

“I arrested thousands of people -- 40 homicides I investigated. I have never met anyone who is more vicious than she,” Rep. Alan Silvia told NBC 10 News.

Murphy was part of a satanic cult and prostitution ring that held rituals in area woods during the late 70s and early 80s.

While Silvia said Murphy was the ringleader and mastermind behind three homicides, Murphy only plead guilty to the 1980 murder of Marsden. She was the third and final victim.

Murphy, who has a shot at freedom because she cut a plea deal, was actually free from 2004 to 2011. She was granted parole, but lost it after she was arrested during a traffic stop.

Meanwhile, her testimony, which she since recanted, sent Carl Drew and Andrew Maltais to jail for life. She was acquainted with both men during the time of the murders.

Maltais, who died behind bars, was represented by former judge and current Fall River city lawyer, Joseph Macy.

“I knew in my heart that she wasn’t being candid and forthright,” Macy said. “We felt all along that he didn’t do it and I still think he did it.”

The parole board members who granted Murphy her freedom a dozen years ago have all since been replaced.

“It’s personal in the scene that the case has never left me,” Silvia said. “It took such a toll on my life.”

He will testify against her parole on Tuesday.

“To have her come out and commit another crime or homicide -- I wouldn’t be able to live with myself,” Silvia said.

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