Woman who survived crash ‘not angry’ at drunk driver who hit her

Samantha Kennelly, who is recovering after a serious crash, told NBC 10 News she remembers driving down I-295 near Johnston to get everything. The rest is a blur. (WJAR)

A woman who survived being hit by an accused drunk driver in Johnston is out of the hospital.

Samantha Kennelly, who is recovering, told NBC 10 News she remembers driving down I-295 near Johnston and then suddenly waking up in an ambulance.

She has no memory of seeing a car coming at her head-on in the northbound lanes.

“I remember coming to, and asking where was I?” said Kennelly.

Rhode Island State Police said 57-year-old Robert Allyn was drunk and driving the wrong way.

Kennelly’s dog, Scarlett, was the only other thing in her car, but Scarlett went missing after the accident. The family luckily found the dog the next day.

NBC 10 asked Kennelly what she would say to Allyn.

“To be angry would just be a waste of emotion of this point,” she said. “I survived this crazy accident, so I might as well be grateful, not angry. But I hope that this guy that did get into this accident, and did cause it, that he could find peace.”

She doesn't remember much except that she was driving down I-295 near Johnston, heading northbound to get ice cream.

“Did I see this light coming towards me? But no, I didn't at all,” Kennelly said.

She was rushed to the hospital, her brand new car a total loss.

“I have bruising underneath my arms, and all down my sides and stuff,” she said.

While she’s in pain, Kennelly said she feels compassion, and a little pity for the man who nearly killed her.

“The first thing I said when I found out I was hit by a drunk driver was, ‘It was only 7:30 at night,’” Kennelly said.

As she heals from her injuries, she's only thinking of forgiveness.

“To be that intoxicated, that early, he's probably feeling a lot of pain,” Kennelly said.

Despite the weeks and maybe months it'll take before she's back on her feet, Kennelly has hope that Allyn will learn from the crash.

“I got really lucky because it could have been worse,” she said.

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