Police: Woman found with lizard in her bra faces DUI charges

Police say Amy Rebello-McCarthy, 39, was arrested after she allegedly vandalized six mailboxes and then crashed her car while carrying an exotic lizard in her bra on Tuesday, May 15, 217. (Police photos)

A 39-year-old Massachusetts woman was arrested after she allegedly vandalized six mailboxes and then crashed her car while carrying an exotic lizard in her bra.

Taunton police said Amy Rebello-McCarthy is facing the following charges:

  • Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor
  • Driving to endanger
  • Marked lane violation

Police said they responded to a crash Monday just before 1:30 p.m. on Staple Street, where they found a disabled car on a front lawn.

A witnesses told authorities that a woman who was driving the car was standing next to the vehicle, while a man she was with jumped into the driver’s side. They then tried to drive away from the scene.

“That may have been possible if all four tires hadn’t been flattened in the crash, if all the airbags hadn’t deployed and both bumpers hadn’t been ripped off,” police noted on social media.

Despite the damage, police said Rebello-McCarthy began laughing when they approached her and told them that she didn’t feel the crash was that serious.

“She was slurring her words and at times drooling,” authorities said, also noting that she “was just shy of doubling the legal limit of 0.08.”

While Rebello-McCarthy requested that police call a tow truck to pull her car to the roadway, they refused.

“Sorry Amy, we can't move the car right now,” police wrote online after the crash. “If we do, what will you use to hold yourself up? Stay right there Amy, we want to speak with the guy that was trying to get your vehicle unstuck from the trees.”

The man, who police said they later identified as 22-year-old Marvin K. Kyewalyanga, was unable to “recall his first or last name as he slurred his way through the conversation.”

“He was feeling a little antsy and decided to move away from the vehicle,” police wrote. “When he did, Officer McDougall observed the butt of a semi-automatic weapon tucked in the rear of his waistband.”

Kyewalyanga was then handcuffed, with police recovering the gun. Authorities later determined that it was an air soft replica and Kyewalyanga was placed in protective custody.

Police also later discovered that Rebello-McCarthy had been speeding at the time of the crash and struck at least six mailboxes, “some of which went airborne and smashed the rear window of a vehicle parked in a driveway along the way, crossed the street onto lawn and wiped out the homeowners’ new well cover.”

But before she was taken to the police station, Rebello-McCarthy told officers she was transporting a Bearded Dragon in her bra.

“You can't make this stuff up,” police said. Where does one hold a Bearded Dragon Lizard while driving you ask? Answer: In their brassiere of course!! The Bearded Dragon Lizard was transferred to the Taunton Police Department and turned over to the Animal Control Officer. It faces no charges at this time.”

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