Amazon wants to sell concert tickets


Amazon is seeking to disrupt yet another industry and is in talks with U.S. venue owners to sell event tickets, according to Reuters. The report says Amazon wants to loosen the grip that Ticketmaster has as the exclusive provider of primary tickets for several top concert venues. It's another way Amazon could leverage its massive customer base.

Nordstrom is a rare bright spot in retail right now. It saw sales climb over last year, not by a lot but a gain none the less. The retailer said its anniversary sale was a success and that its own brands are three of its top five sellers.

Fast food sales are growing faster than the economy overall. For the first time in five quarters, the big three fast food giants -- McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's -- posted same-store sales increases of greater than 3 percent. Industry experts say the burger chains are producing strong results because diners are eating at fast food joints more than at other restaurants.

No fast food here. Instead it's a bar completely dedicated to the playwright Oscar Wilde. The New York City establishment has the longest bar in the city at 118 feet, and it's housed in the city's former headquarters of the Bureau of Prohibition.

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