Americans keep spending more on pet costumes

Americans could spend more than $400 million on pet Halloween costumes this year.  (LilaMax Media)

Americans could spend more than $400 million on pet Halloween costumes this year. The National Retail Federation said it expects that number to grow as pet costumes grow in popularity. It says dressing up pets like other animals, like lions, turtles and lobsters are favorite choices.

Retailers could see the best holiday sales in years. A Gallup poll found Americans say they plan to spend $906 on Christmas gifts, up from $785 in October 2016. That's one of the biggest year-over-year increases in Gallup's trend. There was no difference between Republicans and Democrats in the year-over-year change in spending intentions.

President Trump is expected to name his pick to lead the Federal Reserve this week. The Wall Street Journal says fed governor Jerome Powell is in the lead for the position. According to the article, Powell is more willing to wind down financial rules put in place after the crisis.

The bad news keeps coming for J.C. Penney. The company's stock slid 25 percent to a new all time low Friday. The retailer slashed sales and profit expectations as its apparel business struggles.

Dunkin' Donuts is in a battle for breakfast. Reuters says it is boosting deals. Its newest deal is a "2 for $5" offer on croissant breakfast sandwiches.

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