Disney World offers 'Minnie Van' service

Guests visiting Walt Disney World can hail specially-painted Minnie Van vehicles to travel within the resort. (LilaMax Media)

Microsoft is going full in on artificial intelligence. It's even formed a group to study AI and to figure out how to make money from it. Also in its annual report, Microsoft says the world is going from mobile first to AI first.

Uniqlo wants to set up vending machines in airports to sell T-shirts. The Wall Street Journal says it will install the machines in 10 airports as a trial. The retailer says people may find themselves in need of clothing, like when their bags are lost after a flight.

Disney is working with Lyft on the theme park's "Minnie Vans." Through the service, guests visiting Walt Disney World can hail specially-painted vehicles to travel within the resort for a flat $20 rate per ride. Each Minnie Van includes two car seats for young children and room for up to six passengers. Handicap-accessible vehicles are also available through the Minnie Van service.

McDonald's is testing chicken tenders again. McDonald's tried this two years ago for a limited time. The new version is crispy buttermilk. The restaurants that have tested them so far, say they are popular.

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