Fired? Burger King has a snack for that

Burger King is offering a free Whopper to anyone who's been fired. (LilaMax Media)

Hurricane Harvey is so epic that it will bring down the nation's economic growth in the quarter. Goldman Sachs says disruptions to the energy sector are a big part of it, but there's also a slowdown in retail sales and an increase in jobless claims. Businesses can't open and people can't get to work.

Meanwhile, insurance won't cover 80 percent of the homes flooded by Harvey. The Consumer Federation of America says that's because of the limited availability of flood insurance and damage limitations placed on most homeowners' policies. Most homeowner insurance policies only cover wind damage, not flood damage.

The Wells Fargo lawyers are busy these days. The bank has been hit with another lawsuit. This one alleges that it bilked home loan borrowers by charging them extra fees when their applications were delayed -- even if it was the bank's fault. The bank is supposed to waive the fee if it is responsible for the hold up. Wells Fargo wouldn't comment on the case.

Burger King is giving free Whoppers to customers who admit to getting fired. The fast food chain launched its "Own Your Fire" giveaway promotion Wednesday. You can't just go to the BK counter and say you were fired, you have to announce it on LinkedIn and publicly share it.

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