Premium iPhone X comes with premium price

The iPhone X starts at $999.  (LilaMax Media)

The new Apple iPhone X is basically a super-premium version of the phone. The OLED screen covers almost the whole front of the device. There's no "home" button. A single swipe takes you to the home screen. It also can tell if it's you that tilts it and will unlock the screen. And yes, the 64 GB version costs $999.

Everything from apparel to furniture and jewelry is cheaper online. Adobe's Digital Price Index looked at how much we would save if we shifted all spending to the internet. They estimate $2.2 billion.

Kmart has renamed its plus-size clothing section "Fabulously Sized." This comes at a time when body-positivity and inclusivity is on the rise with fashion shows adding curvier models and celebs fighting back against body shaming.

This is a great time to look for a job. The government says unfilled positions hit a record high in July as employers look to find workers. The surge in unfilled openings means there is roughly one jobless worker for each job posting, down from seven workers per opening during the depths of the Great Recession.

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