Southwest Airlines intends to fly to Hawaii

Southwest Airlines

Airfares to Hawaii may soon get cheaper. Southwest Airlines announced plans to start service to the vacation destination.

The low-fare airline was unable to reach the islands until now because it was beyond the reach of the Boeing 737 jets that has made up its fleet. But earlier this month it became the first U.S. carrier to take delivery of the new Boeing 737 MAX, a longer-range version of Boeing's jet.

Equifax had another cyber-scare. It says one of its third-party vendors was running bad code on its pages but its systems weren't breached. Equifax says it has disabled a customer help webpage while its security teams investigate.

The postal service is adding self-driving trucks to its fleet next year. It's working with the University of Michigan to operate the vehicles, which will run in rural areas. Self-driving postal delivery trucks are part of its plan to save money as people mail fewer letters.

The latest unlikely food combination is buffalo seasoning and coffee. Yes, a buffalo latte. You can get one at the coffee and doughnut chain Tim Horton's. Right now, it's just being offered in upstate New York-where buffalo wings started.

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