Taylor Swift's new video sets record

"Look What You Made Me Do" was Taylor Swift's biggest YouTube debut. (LilaMax Media)

Insurers and re-insurers are expected to weather the storm. Analysts say that insurers have record amounts of money on hand and that Harvey is unlikely to hurt them too much financially. The story could be different for smaller, Texas-based insurance companies.

Taylor Swift's new video sets a new record. It's gotten 19 million views in just 24 hours. "Look What You Made Me Do" was Swift's biggest YouTube debut. Swift's single is also trending No. 1 on Twitter.

The "guilt-free" ice cream market has gone from nonexistent to everywhere. Sector leader Halo Top is now the top selling pint of ice cream in America. Last year, Halo Top sales surged 2,500 percent, and $31 million worth of the creamy stuff at $5.99 a pint moved in stores nationwide between June and July. It starts at 240 calories a pint.

A Japanese electrical engineer has created LED footwear that become glowing computer displays. But there is a catch. The high-tech footwear boasts a $400 price tag. They're called Orphe and their glowing soles are powered by 50 individually-controlled LED lights. They're controlled by a smartphone app.

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