New bridge in Warwick installed in just hours

This new overpass went from the side of the road to in place in a matter of hours.

It's a bridge on the move.

A new highway overpass in Warwick went from the side of the road to being in place in a matter of hours Thursday night.

The head of Rhode Island's Department of Transportation was on site to watch the agency's first use of the technique.

"Traditionally a bridge of this size would take at least a year and a half to replace, possibly two construction seasons to complete," Director Michael Lewis told NBC 10.

And during that time there would be an impact on traffic.

Instead, in this project, the new 94-foot, 440-ton Barton Corner Bridge was built on the side of Route 2 in Warwick, near where it was installed as an I-95 North overpass over Route 2.

The old bridge was demolished Monday.

The new bridge was put up on mobile lifts and driven down the road into place in less than two hours.

The section of Route 2 near the work was closed at 9 p.m. and was expected to re-open by early morning.

The newly installed overpass should be opened to traffic Saturday.

The corresponding new section of Interstate 95 South has also already been built and is expected to be moved into place early next week.

The project cost $6.4 million.