Tech This Out: Aqua Sound Speakers

They sort of look like lava lamps but the Aqua Sound Speakers are much more. They're a visual sound experience.

We're taking music listening and adding a funky visual element.

They're weird looking unplugged but once you get going the Aqua Sound Speakers have a cool vibe.

They light up an iridescent blue- pink-turquoise color. Kind of like when you blow a bubble.

The speakers connect to each other with a hard hardwire. The power source is USB. So you plug them into your computer or you'll have to get an USB wall plug. A phone charger will work.

You can hardwire a music device or sync up a phone or tablet with Bluetooth.

Now it's time for your own mini Bellagio fountains.

For this demonstration you'll hear the musical styling of local artist Johnny Lingo with Fungus Amungus.

You'll notice the movement of the water changes with the tone of the music, it also goes with the volume.

If you crank up the volume, the water pressure goes up. There's no volume control on the speakers it's all through your device. I did notice you can hear the water in the speakers.

The LED lamps display five colors that change to the music and beat.

Each speaker is 3 watts and I think the sound quality is ok.

It's all nontoxic too.

You can find the Aqua Sound Speakers at AT&T for just under $50.

For more music by Johnny Lingo here's a link to his YouTube page