Tech This Out: Gear 2 Neo

The Gear 2 Neo is one of Samsung's newest smart watches. The focus is customization and convenience.

The display is a glass AMO-LED touchscreen. The strap is plastic and you can buy different color bands or swap it out with one you already have. The Gear 2 Neo all water- and dust-resistant

The watch has customizable features including the display screen, font and watch face.

There are a lot of features built in with all your basic watch needs. A weather app based on your GPS, a music player even an app that serves as a TV remote control.

There's a microphone and speaker so you can take and make those phone calls right from your wrist. You'll be able access all of your contacts And send text messages, either a canned one or through voice. A fun feature built in emojis.

You'll get alerts with the Gear 2 Neo- Get Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus notifications along with many others. You can check emails too.

Just like with the new Galaxy phones, Samsung's tried to place and emphasis on the S-health feature. You have the ability to track steps with the pedometer or log other exercises like hiking, biking and jogging.

The heart rate monitor is a nice feature, but It wasn't always accurate

There's a built in sleep tracker too.

There are a number of apps you can download but you'll have to head into the Samsung App store.

The Gear 2 Neo is available at AT&T for just under $200