Tech This Out: Holiday gadgets

Stay cool this holiday weekend with the newest tech gadgets. (NBC News)

New gadgets can help you with everything from keeping cool to capturing a moment that lasts over this holiday weekend.

If your plans take you out on the water, Orca's newest insulated cooler can keep your beverages on ice for up to 10 days.

For those heading out for the fireworks display, Matador's full-sized blanket comes in a pocket-sized pouch, and is perfect for staking out that perfect spot.

Finally, when the fun is over and done with, share the memories on the go with the Cube Pico Projector.

"(The projector) plugs into your phone or your computer or you can use a Micro SD to play videos, show photos, you can really set it up anywhere. It fits in the palm of your hand," says Verge Tech Reporter, Ashley Carman.

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