Tech This Out: March Madness

TheNCAA men's basketball tournament is upon us and there are more than 60 games towatch.

Goodluck watching all of those on TV at all hours of the day and night, and onmultiple channels.

Butactually now, it's easy!

Thereare many, many apps you can download but you don't need to. The best of thebest is the NCAA March Madness Live App. Oh, and it's FREE!!

Thequality, picture and video are phenomenal.

Thisapp has everything you could want in tournament coverage. Notonly can you watch every single game live on your tablet or smartphone, but ifyou miss a game, watch the highlights.

You can also keeptrack of your bracket, track close games, see who is in overtime, followmultiple teams and get push notifications.

Youcan chime in on social media during the games and trash talk with other fans. Youcan check out live stats during games or get a quick look at them during thepreview.

If youwant to watch a game on TV, use the Channel finder.

If youcan't watch, you can listen to live radio broadcasts through the app.

Theother app I like is called Thuuz. It's not as pretty as NCAA live, but it getsthe job done. Follow your favorite teams and interact on social media.

The company says it uses acombination of algorithmic analysis and media chatter to determine which gamesyou should really be watching.

Here's how it works. Thuuz usesa color and number system to tell users which games are the most exciting towatch.

A scoreof 85 to 100 indicates a great game, 65 to 84 a good game, 40 to 64 an okaygame and you get the idea after that.