Tech This Out: Safe and Well

Whether you are on vacation thousands of miles from loved ones or only a few cities apart, finding someone in an emergency can lead to panic.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, Google launched a Google Person Finder. Social media also played a key role.

But there's one organization it seems we can always count on in an emergency - the American Red Cross.

Remember this website - Safe and Well

It's a hub for people in disaster areas to update others on their status.

If there is a disaster, and it doesn't have to be a natural one, go to the website and type in your name, phone number and address, easy things your friends and family could use to search.

Then, click your status. Are you safe? Are you in a shelter? Are you evacuating? Can you contact them?

You can also write a personal or generic message.

As of now, the search only works for those affected in the United States. But if you are visiting from outside of the country, you can enter a foreign telephone number.

Safe and Well is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is accessible in both English and Spanish.