Tech This Out: Save battery power on your cell phone

The big storm is coming and you might lose power. Make sure your cell phone doesn't die!

If you lose power there are ways to save power on your cell phone. Below are some tips for iPhones and Android smart phones. Most of them are the same.

  • Disable as many notifications as possible
    Disable app notifications, while leaving important ones (such as text and voicemail) intact.
  • Turn off location services
    You can also disable these services on an individual app basis below.
  • Check for email manually
    Email drains your battery. Same for Facebook and Twitter updates.
  • Keep an eye on signal strength
    If you spend a lot of time in areas with poor reception, your phone is going to work harder to get a signal, thus draining your battery.
  • Use power-saving mode
    It's a basic no brainer. Go into the power saving mode. Reduce screen brightness and disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Consider an add-on battery
  • Remove unnecessary home screen widgets and live wallpaper