Tech This Out: Virtual reality headsets

The Samsung Gear VR is still dominating the virtual reality market.

The Samsung Gear VR is still dominating the virtual reality market.

If you are shopping around, the $100 price point is reasonable. There is a ton of content -- both free and paid for -- to explore on the virtual reality headset.

You can access quite a bit of content in the Oculus Rift store. You can watch 3D videos, play games, rent and buy movies all to watch in 3D. Really, anything you do on your phone, you can now do in the 3D world.

One of my favorite features is watching your own videos on your phone in a movie theater. It's like taking home movies and watching them on a big screen. The experience is really quite remarkable.

The headset is fairly light, and offers a cordless experience. You can move around, although it's a good idea to sit or hang onto something.

It's pretty comfy once you put the headset on. I wouldn't be able to sit in it for hours, though.

The opportunities with the device are really endless. For example, Samsung, AT&T and Carnival Cruise lines are teaming up to offer cruises for people without leaving dry land.

Through different apps, you'll have the opportunity to visit vacation spots with friends, learn new things and meet new people.

The low notes: it kills your phone battery. Even with good ventilation, your phone gets really hot. For now, the Samsung Gear VR only works with Samsung phones.

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