Time to trade in your phone?

If you're ready for a new cell phone, there are ways to ensure you get the most money for your old one. (NBC News)

Thinking of getting the new iPhone or Google's Pixel? There are tricks to getting the most cash for your old phone.

Start by knowing your phone's exact model name, how many gigabytes of storage it has, and whether it's unlocked. If it's tied to a single carrier, it won't have much value.

Including the original box and accessories can get you top dollar, and some colors are more valuable than others.

"Gold phones aren't as popular as space gray phones when it comes to iPhone," said Suzanne Kantra of Techlicious. "So when you're trading in, that can be a $10 difference."

Trading in to your current wireless carrier can be easy, but not necessarily lucrative. Switching carriers might pay off, and shipping it to online sites can often give you the most bang for your buck.

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