Developer requests more time to build Providence hotel

The hole in the ground across the street from the Convention Center in downtown Providence has been untouched since the spring. (WJAR)

A major developer now wants more time to build a downtown Providence hotel , and millions of dollars in tax breaks are on the line.

The old Fogarty building came down in March.

More than six months later, not much has changed at the site, which is located across the street from the Rhode Island Convention Center, where the developer, the Procaccianti Group, has a deal with the city to build a hotel.

Now, a week after a report by NBC 10's Bill Rappleye on the lack of construction, Procaccianti is asking the City Council for a one-year extension on the project.

"It always concerns me when a developer isn't meeting their due dates,” Councilman John Igliozzi said. “So, we want to know why.”

Igliozzi and the finance committee he heads will review the request to push back the completion date.

The current deal calls for Procaccianti to finish the nine-story Residence Inn by the end of next year as part of the tax break deal in which the developer would save nearly $2.5 million, which is almost a 50 percent tax break, over 12 years.

“We need to make sure that if we do move forward with this, with their request, they need to give additional assurances to the people of Providence that they got to fulfill that timetable and get that building built,” Igliozzi said.

In a statement to NBC 10 News, Procaccianti noted that "the request is somewhat precautionary in nature."

The company repeated what it told recently told Rappleye, saying that it's "an extremely complex development project," that they are "very busy behind the scenes," and they are "generally" on track with the time frame.

The City Council finance committee is expected to take up Procaccianti's request in the coming weeks.

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