Fall River mayor says newspaper erroneously reported ‘he is under FBI probe’

The headline in The Herald News looks like a political obituary for Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia. 

The headline in The Herald News looks like a political obituary.

Fall River’s mayor “admits that he is under FBI probe” is on the front page of the newspaper -- less than a week before a preliminary election.

But Mayor Jasiel Correia told NBC 10 it’s wrong. When asked if he thinks he’s under investigation by the FBI, he replied, “I don’t.”

Correia went on to explain that since before he won the election two years ago, rumors have swirled about his start-up company, SnoOwl. It’s a software company that can connect shoppers and diners with local restaurants.

While it hasn’t made any money, he said he hopes it will be acquired by a larger company, at which point investors would be paid back.

But Correia denied that there has been any wrongdoing, even though he said he hears about his alleged malfeasance continually. He has tried to see if there’s any truth to the rumors.

“I told my attorney, I said, ‘Hey, can we call and see what’s going on here? We’ll give them documentation. We’ll give them whatever they want.' The U.S. attorney’s office said, ‘There’s nothing to meet about.’”

Correia spoke with NBC 10 just hours before the final debate leading into the election next Tuesday.

“Going into that debate with the headline, ‘Mayor admits he’s under investigation’, I find that timing very suspect,” he said. “That’s OK. That’s part of the political game. I can take. Tonight, I’ll respond to it.”

Four candidates, including two sitting city councilors, have taken out nomination papers to challenge the first-term mayor.

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