Fung unlikely to face recall election

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung has so far rejected calls for his resignation in light of recent problems, but voters have another avenue to get the mayor out of office: a recall election.{}

Fung is trying to put "ticketgate" behind him. But if voters were really fed up enough, they could throw him out of office before his term expired.

Voters used the recall election last year in Fall River to oust third-term Mayor Will Flanagan. In Exeter, two years ago, a recall election of Town Council members failed.{}

But recall elections are becoming popular.

"Voters are seeking newer, more powerful ways of controlling their politicians, of holding them accountable," said NBC 10 political analyst Wendy Schiller of Brown University.

In the current case of Fung, City Council President John Lanni actually looked into a recall effort.

"I found out that do to a recall, you have to file a petition with the city clerk that you want a recall. They give you 90 days to get approximately 11,000 signatures," Lanni said.

Lanni said that if the signatures were collected and verified, then it would take two-thirds of the voters to support a recall. The process would go well into next year, and the election could cost the city $30,000.{}

Lanni said he's not going to push it, and the mayor said that's fine.

"We have more important things to do for the residents of Cranston than to engage in political grandstanding," Fung said in a statement to NBC 10 News.

While it might not be a love affair, it looks like the City Council and the mayor will have to work together until the end of next year.