Kilmartin lashes out at NBC 10 reporter when questioned about 38 Studios investigation

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin became agitated with NBC 10 News political reporter Bill Rappleye Thursday when asked about the 38 Studios investigation.

“You’re a public official and we’d like to know if you were interviewed on the 38 Studios question,” Rappleye said to Kilmartin during an unrelated news conference at the attorney general’s office.

But Rappleye’s question was never answered.

“Bill, you’re in my house now and we have a lot of professionals who took time out of their day to be here and we’re going to start now,” Kilmartin said.

Kilmartin’s aides then threatened to remove Rappleye.

“If you cannot respect this press conference we will ask you to leave,” Kilmartin’s spokeswoman Amy Kempe told Rappleye, placing her hand on his arm.

The tension stems from a comment Curt Schilling made to Kate Bramson of the Providence Journal on Tuesday.

"Here's where it goes off the rails," Schilling said told Bramson. "Are you [expletive] kidding me that Gordon Fox and Speaker Murphy weren't interviewed? When I was interviewed by the state police, I was told in no uncertain terms that there was no doubt there was criminal activity ... but they couldn't find it."

Schilling was referencing the high profile players who helped pass the loan program through the General Assembly in 2010, who were not interviewed by investigators.

The comment started a whole new front in the war to end Rhode Island’s obsession with 38 Studios, the video game that went under in 2012, dragging approximately $100 million taxpayer dollars with it.

In response to Schilling’s words, Rhode Island State Police Col. Ann Assumpico held a press conference Wednesday.

“Whenever the integrity of the state police is questioned, it’s concerning to me,” the colonel told reporters.

She then pointed to questionable investigation techniques, including lack of recording interviews.

“Investigators were told at the time that Mr. Kilmartin had been interviewed by a member of the previous administration,” Assumpico said. “We have no records of that interview. Why? I can’t explain that.”

In turn, Gov. Gina Raimondo told NBC 10 that she agrees with Assumpico, noting that the investigation wasn’t up to the standards of state police.

“It does seem like it was sloppier than it should have been,” the governor told NBC 10’s Dan Jaehnig during NBC 10’s Connect to the Capitol segment on Wednesday. “There was this problem where at first the interviews were recorded, then they stopped being recorded. There is no record of the attorney general, so I certainly have a lot of questions.”

Kilmartin is fighting the governor’s push to release grand jury records from the investigation and he continues to avoid making any public comments.

Currently, there has been no move to have an independent investigation into the deal. Courts have yet to rule on the governor’s request to release grand jury information.

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