O'Donnell: No investigations imminent from Block report

Rhode Island State Police have been briefed on a fraud and waste investigation conducted by Ken Block, but they have not started an investigation.

Law enforcement's hands are tied because there is no specific data available to them. A lot of it is restricted and under the control of federal agencies.

Block, the former candidate for governor who runs a software company that can dig up waste in benefits programs, surveyed Rhode Island's health and human services programs. His software came up with misspent taxpayer money. He can't reveal his findings under the terms of his contract with the state.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee told NBC 10 News on Friday that he had no intention of making the report public. Since then, he's said he may release it, depending on whether the release would hurt any investigations.

State police Col. Steven O'Donnell said Tuesday that no investigations are imminent.

"The meetings we've attended is what they've told us, and I'm told the report contains what we already spoke about, and that's basically cursory information, touching the surface of stuff, nothing of detail. And until we have details, we can't get the details until we get the information from the federal government," O'Donnell told NBC 10 News.

O'Donnell said he has not seen the final compilation of Block's preliminary findings.

Along with several news organizations, the minority Republican caucus in the House of Representatives has filed an access to public records request to see the Block report.