Rhode Island House passes school building safety legislation

Some of Providence's aging school buildings are literally falling apart, and many schools lack safety equipment like fire alarms, smoke detectors and fire sprinklers, the NBC 10 I-Team has learned. (WJAR)

The Rhode Island House of Representatives has approved a bill that would set deadlines for assessing a school building's safety.

The House voted unanimously Tuesday to pass the legislation.

The bill's sponsor, Warwick Democratic Rep. Joseph McNamara, says the proposal establishes firm time guidelines for school departments to complete their mandated three-year safety assessments for each school building. The deadline to complete the review would be Nov. 1 of the mandated year.

The bill now moves to the state Senate Education Committee, where a companion bill has been introduced.

The NBC 10 I-Team has reported extensively on the condition of Providence's aging school buildings, many of which lacked safety equipment like fire alarms, smoke detectors and fire sprinklers.

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