Ted Nugent mixes it up with Rep. Langevin

Ted Nugent famous for his song "Cat Scratch Fever," tough talk, and love of guns has some wondering if he crossed the line slamming Rhode Island's U.S. Rep. Jim Langevin, a victim -- not of gun violence -- but of a gun accident.

Langevin, a Democrat and gun control advocate, said it was wrong of a Republican member to invite Nugent to Tuesday night's State of the Union address, given that the Secret Service questioned Nugent last year for saying if President Obama was re-elected, "I'll be either dead or in jail by this time next year."

Nugent, who was never charged and denied making any threats, shot back Tuesday night that Langevin "probably has (expletive deleted) for brains" and that "for this pompous ass to claim that he cares more about a family that lost a child than I do is a perfect example of the brain dead critics," referring to the Newtown, Conn., school shootings.

Langevin responded to the controversy on the "Morning News with Gene Valicenti" on WPRO radio.

Valicenti: "I bet you don't even listen to Ted Nugent."

Langevin: "I like a couple of his songs, but I'm not a frequent listener, let's put it that way."

Valicenti: "Now he said some very nasty things about you congressman. We don't want to repeat them, because we're polite company here, but what do you make of this? Are you mad at him?"

Langevin: "Not at all. All I said was I thought it was an odd choice to have Ted Nugent there given the fact that he had made comments that prompted the Secret Service to investigate him. I thought he was an odd choice as a guest for the State of the Union. But that aside, we're not going let Ted Nugent take away from or distract from the issue of calling for more responsible gun safety legislation."

Langevin led the move to invite gun violence victims and their families to the State of the Union speech.