Jayson Tatum reacts to blockbuster trade

Jayson Tatum (WJAR)

The Boston Celtics were hosting a home court makeover Wednesday morning with rookie guard Jayson Tatum and Celtics radio commentator Cedric Maxwell on hand.

The topic of conversation was about Kyrie Irving coming to Boston.

"Kyrie Irving is a great player. I don't know if it's over-the-top, but Kyrie Irving is a great player. Do you have in a lot of ways upgraded your team from the talent standpoint," said Maxwell.

"Pretty sure it will be a lot of fun. He is a tremendous player and a superstar in this league, so I can learn from him. I know Kyrie really well, we went to Duke at different times. We have the same agent, we are really close," Tatum said.

The deal caught most of us off guard, including Celtics players like Tatum.

"I was just as surprised as everyone else. I saw my name come up and I don't know if I was going to get traded. I was watching it on TV and I saw a breaking news come across. So it was just as much of a shock to me as probably the average fan," said Tatum.

While the area celebrates the acquisition of a four-time All-Star and past NBA champion, they also say goodbye to fan favorite Isaiah Thomas.

"i'm pretty sure it's tough. I know how much he did for the organization and the community and how much he was liked," said Tatum.

"Guys all over are going to miss that enthusiasm and the love that he had for the fans and the fans had for him. I had never seen anything like it, and I have been around when Paul (Pierce) was here. I was here when Larry (Bird) was here,"

The Boston Celtics will open the season at Cleveland in October.

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