URI men’s basketball team prepares for road trip

URI men's basketball Coach Dan Hurley is excited to be back on the court. (WJAR)

There were plenty of familiar faces mixed in with some promising freshmen on the court Monday for one of URI’s 10 summer sessions.

Coach Dan Hurley is excited to be back on the court.

"It's great to get back in the gym,” Hurley said. “Obviously, July is a big recruiting month -- did a ton of traveling, but the best part of the job is when you get here with the guys and get to work and start having a vision for what you want to accomplish.”

The Rams trip to the NCAA tournament has reenergized the program, starting with the head coach.

"We are excited for the opportunity to try to build on the championship breakthrough,” said Hurley. “The opportunity to be a factor in March and the play meaningful exciting games. Once you get a taste of that, it's hard not to be obsessed with that.”

The URI Rams trip to Europe was canceled due to safety concerns, so now they're heading to the Bahamas for a week to take on the national team for a pair of games.

"It's great to get away -- those bonding experiences that you have together on the road with different cultural experiences -- they are great for the players and it brings us closer together," said Hurley.

The Rams will depart for the Bahamas next Monday.

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