End (Zone) Game: Gronk starts ‘TB12 Diet’

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has adapted toTom Brady's diet through the TB12 Therapy Center with Brady’s trainer, Alex Guerrero. (WJAR)

It was a hot and humid for day six of Patriots training camp at Foxboro, just the way hard-nosed football players like it.

"Today was a grind. It’s super humid out,” tight end Rob Gronkowski told Sports Team 10. “It’s getting through the dog days because we just have to keep on pushing through camp.”

Fullback James Develin agreed.

"We're out here working really hard, you know? these past couple days have been good working days for us,” Develin said. “We are just going to try and continue to build on it and try to improve as best as we can as a team.”

Meanwhile, you may have noticed the new look Gronkowski has adapted to. And it’s all thanks to Tom Brady's diet through the TB12 Therapy Center with Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero.

"It’s going good, yes. Dinners are super healthy,” Gronkowski said. “But after this type of workout you fiend for that type of stuff. That’s when you want all those nutrients. That’s when you want to eat it. So, he cooks them for me, I eat them because I look at [Brady] and he turns 40 tomorrow and he runs around like he’s younger than me. So, it’s pretty obvious right there.”

But the question remains, what do you get Brady for his birthday?

"I get him touchdowns. You’ve got to catch the ball. That’s all he wants -- his receivers, tight ends, running backs to catch the ball,” said Gronkowski. “So, that’s probably what he wants tomorrow.”

That's a smart move by Gronkowski, as Brady is looking as fit as ever.

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