Scuffle gets Edelman, Gilmore tossed from practice

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman and cornerback Stephon Gilmore get into a scuffle during practice at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Monday, Aug. 1, 2017. (Submitted Photo)

An on-field scuffle apparently got two New England Patriots tossed off the field during Tuesday's practice.

Wide receiver Julian Edelman and cornerback Stephon Gilmore got in each other's faces after an incompletion in the end zone during a drill.

Images of the altercation were sent to NBC 10 by fans in attendance, as tempers flared out on the field when members of the media were not allowed to take any footage.

From there, emotions got heated until they were instructed to leave.

“I mean it’s a hot day, guys are competing, tensions run high, but those guys will shake hands at the end of the day (and) it’ll be over with,” said Chris Hogan, who is a wide receiver for the Patriots. “But we’re competing out here.”

Other players shared similar sentiments.

“Physicality is the name of the game. Things are going to happen, and that’s just what we have to be ready for,” said Brandin Cooks, another wide receiver.

Matthew Slater, a third wide receiver, said training camp is a grind. Still, he said, that’s not an excuse.

“Certainly today’s practice structure, combined with the temperatures, made it tough,” Slater said. “But we need it as a football team. It’s going to make us better.

The two will be back at it on Wednesday for day six of training camp.

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