On the Slopes: Spring jackets

It's time to ditch that heavy ski coat and put on that lightweight jacket that's perfect for warm days on the mountain.

Spring has finally arrived. So, it's time to ditch that heavy ski coat and put on that lightweight jacket that's perfect for warm days on the mountain.

Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody features both a Polartec Alpha Direct insulated interior and a light Pertex exterior shell to keep wind and wet weather from getting in and ruining your day outdoors. The Ascendant Hoody is extremely light at just under a pound. The hoody is versatile, and can be worn alone or as one of your layers under a skin jackets during extreme weather. As a mid-layer or on its own, the Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody gives you the functionality of wearing it for all seasons. The lightweight fabric feels thin but you will be pleasantly surprised when the material sheds water and doesn't allow the base layer to get wet. There is a single hood cinch on the back of the neck which will tighten the hood against your hat or helmet. There are no zippers on the handwarmer pockets, but a zipper on the chest pocket.

The North Face's Ventrix hoody is a lightly insulated hoodie that features there new state of the art Ventrix ventilation for balanced warmth and breathability. The perforations in key areas are designed to expand and dump heat or contract and retain as you move, so you won't overheat or sweat out. The Ventrix is a great option for cold weather. It'll work great as a mid-layer or outer layer for the back country. The Ventrix polyester fill is warm and thick, but its flexible design releases hot air. There are tiny micro vents located under the arms of the outside and along the back of the neck of the inside of the jacket. These micro vents are intended to stay closed when active and open as you move and stretch the fabric, giving you optimum warmth while stopped and dumping the heat on the go. The Ventrix has a durable feel, is water repellent and comes in a variety of colors for men and women.

The Ascendant Hoody and North Face's Ventrix jackets are great jackets on its own or as a mid-layer. Both offer supreme breathability as well as added warmth.

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