Jerry Remy announces that his lung cancer has returned

Boston Red Sox commentator Jerry Remy is experiencing a relapse in his ongoing fight with lung cancer.

The news came Monday, as Remy prepares for his 30th season in the NESN Red Sox broadcast booth.

He was first diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008, then relapsed for the first time in 2013, and again this year.

Remy, a Somerset, Massachusetts native, said the reoccurrence of the cancer will not impact his job. He will work 115 Red Sox telecasts.

Remy has always been public with his health issues, claiming that he hopes it helps others who may be facing similar struggles.

He said he starting smoking as a teenager and believes that is what has led to his cancer.

“I’m paying the price for it now, but I’m also in good hands,” Remy said Monday. “I can’t thank the people at Mass. General enough. I can’t thank my doctors enough. And I’m looking forward to a full recovery and I’m looking forward to a full season in the broadcast booth.”

Remy went on to say that the cancer is under control and that he should be headed to Red Sox spring training soon.

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