RI’s Roose fulfills childhood dreams as assistant strength and conditioning coach for Sox

Mike Roose (WJAR)

Opening Day at Fenway Park is special for fans, players, as well as staff members.

That’s especially true for Mike Roose, who is the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Boston Red Sox.

The Cumberland native is entering his ninth season with the organization.

But his journey, which includes four combat tours overseas with the US Air Force, has been anything but scripted.

“It's good, it just took a lot of hard work (and) perseverance. I got out of the military and went back to college and started from the ground up, really,” Roose told Sports Team 10. “I started in rookie league and then got promoted to Pawtucket for two years. I got to oversee the minor leagues for four seasons and then last year I was lucky enough to get a call up.”

Growing up a baseball player in Cumberland, Roose said he’s finally fulfilled his childhood dreams by becoming a part of Sox Nation.

“I used to come here as a kid, and you couldn't ask for more,” he said of Fenway Park. “It's just a lot of hard work. Everybody has a dream as a kid, but it took a lot of days in the ballpark trying to get better as professional as a strength coach.”

He has had plenty of “pinch me” moments over the years.

"A lot of pinch me moments are like when we travel and we're on a charter plane and you're sitting in Yankee Stadium and David Ortiz is sitting next you," said Roose.

As for an endorsement from the players, Red Sox DH Hanley Ramirez praised Roose.

"He's great man, good people," Ramirez said.

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