Couple adopts Tuesday's Child siblings

Andy and Erica Monfils adopted 8-year-old Natalia and 2-year-old Christian. (WJAR)

The Monfils family is jumping for joy these days.

Andy and Erica Monfils say they wanted a family. And after waiting a while, they were surprised with not just one child, but two: 8-year-old Natalia and 2-year-old Christian.

"I'd say more than luck, we're blessed. A gift from God and we're thankful," Andy Monfils said.

Knowing that there are so many children in state care who need permanent homes, they signed up for concurrent planning -- first fostering, then adopting the biological brother and sister.

Natalia and Christian are ecstatic about their new home and having parents who love them.

Even at this young age, they appreciate that their mom and dad made it possible for them to grow up together. Natalia cherishes the tender, loving moments she has with her brother, Christian.

"He comes over and gives me a kiss," Natalia said.

The Monfilses want others who are considering this to know that you don't have to choose adoption right away. Fostering and mentoring are also options.

"You can begin looking into it and not be afraid to find out along the way what path is good for you," Erica Monfils said.

And bring a sense of security to children who desperately need it.

"They'll always take care of me and I'll never get lost," Natalia said.

There are many sibling groups like Natalia and Christian waiting. Give Adoption Rhode Island a call at 401-865-6000 to learn more.

The number for Adoption Rhode Island is 401-865-6000.

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