Patriots photographer focuses on children in foster care

New England Patriots photographer David Silverman is famous for razor-sharp images of quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

One recent day, he focused his lens on young foster children. He said the assignment is easier than taking pictures of the Patriots.

"I usually get 30 seconds with each guy. Here, they give me as much time as I want. Smile, if I ask them to," Silverman said.

He gets a big smile from 14-year-old Aaliyah, who's dressed up as a superhero who she says matches her personality.

"I chose Batman because he's brave," Aaliyah said.

Stephanie and Ashley were separated in the foster care system when they were very young, Ashley searched for years and finally found her younger sister, Stephanie.

"She's been looking for me and she's worked so hard to find me and get back into my life," Stephanie said.

Silverman is giving them that sister portrait they've always wanted.

"I just try to make them feel good about themselves. One girl came in and said, 'This makes me happy.' So, that's good," Silverman said.

Mission accomplished.

If you'd like to help children in state care, call Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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