Programs available to help adoptive parents, children adjust

Gina Giramma and her children. (WJAR)

Gina Giramma has a houseful of children, adopted and biological.

"I love to have fun, and I look at it as every day is a new adventure," Giramma said.

And they appreciate their mom.

"She's funny. She's nice. She likes surprises," one of her children said.

But motherhood, as a single, working woman, is a real roller coaster ride.

That's where Adoption Rhode Island comes in.

Rita Capotosto is the clinical director of the Child and Family Support Service Program. She helps families succeed, with time.

"A lot of the children we see at Adoption Rhode Island have suffered really severe trauma in early childhood and may take a long time to heal," Capotosto said.

The program offers training and consultation and support after adoption.

"Just having someone go with me to a school meeting or sit next to me in a courtroom, it says we're here for you," Giramma said.

To learn more, call Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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