Tuesday's Child: Community supports Charlie's musical ambition

Charlie has the ambition to become a musician. (WJAR)

Charlie, a boy with the ambition to become a musician. He's trying to teach himself.

He agreed to let us sit in on his recording session at Reel to Real Recording Studio in Cranston so he could get his message out that there are many foster children waiting to be adopted -- all with big dreams.

"We're just as normal as any other kid," he said in June.

They just want to be loved.

Charlie's passion for music was something that the owner of Reel to Real studio, Anthony Marapese, couldn't ignore.

"He was amazing, and it got my wheels turning," Marapese said.

Right after that first session, Marapese reached out to his Facebook friends and they came through, donating $500.

Marapese went shopping and brought Charlie back to the studio to present him with a brand new beat machine, new Yamaha keyboard and a donated practice keyboard, too. Charlie got right to work.

Individually, people who want to help children in foster care can do something, but together they can accomplish a lot.

Thanks to the Kerri Anne O'Donnell Memorial Fund, Charlie will learn to read music. Karen O'Donnell delivers $500 for lessons in memory of her daughter.

"It will help me learn better play better songs," Charlie said.

And we'll all be listening.

"I want him back here to see how he's attacked this and conquered it and created music with it because he's a sweet kid," Marapese said.

For more children awaiting adoption, contact Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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