Tuesday's Child: Brianna King's journey

Wide-eyed innocence. At 7 months old, Brianna was taking-in the world. The pretty little girl was waiting for a home. Her birth mother was a drug addict in prison.

When that story aired 26 years ago, the King family of East Providence was watching.

"My adoptive parents saw it and for lack of a better word, chose me and I'm forever grateful," Brianna said recently.

She said the Kings gave her a great childhood.

That satisfied her for a while, but as she grew older, the mystery about her biological parents caused her to set out in search of answers. Google became her best friend.

With guidance from Adoption Rhode Island, she got her birth certificate and learned that her birth mother was Lidia Texiera.

Brianna wanted to find her. She had questions.

"How are you? Are you OK? Being drug addicted, it must not have been very easy for her," Brianna said.

She sent a letter to the last known address, and she got a phone call from her sister confirming what she didn't want to believe.

"She let me know that my mother had passed away," Brianna said.

Lidia Texeira had died from a drug overdose in 2001.

But when Brianna and all the other relatives got together later that night

"The first thing they said when they saw me is, 'Oh my god. You look just like her,'" Brianna said.

And there were eye-opening revelations.

"It was amazing. All I remember saying was, 'What?'" Brianna said.

They'd all been just living blocks apart in East Providence.

"I went to middle school with my biological brother and he and I had no clue," Brianna said.

So now, with two families to love, Brianna wants you to know that this former Tuesday's Child is doing just fine.

"I'm at peace now," Brianna said. "Definitely at peace."

There are many foster children still waiting for their adoptive homes. The number to call is 401-865-6000.

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