Tuesday's Child Ellery finds permanent home at 17

Kathy and Ellery share a hug at home. (WJAR)

One of our Tuesday's Children, Ellery, was not expecting to be adopted at the age of 17. And Kathy was certainly not expecting to be a first-time mom at age 67.

But never say never.

Ellery was just a little girl, only 4 years old, when she first became a foster child. Maybe you remember the Tuesday's Child stories we did about her as she got older.

But, after years of disappointment, Ellery was losing hope of being adopted.

"Why am I still in a shelter? Why am I still in the orphanage?" she asked.

Meanwhile, recently widowed and retired, 67-year-old Kathy was struggling with how to conduct the next phase of her life.

"My first idea was, OK, I'm going to get a puppy," Kathy said.

She adopted Duke and took him to doggy obedience class. Coincidentally, I had just gotten a puppy too, and we all ended up in class together.

That chance meeting turned out to be life-changing as it prompted Kathy to watch the news. And who do you think we were interviewing? Ellery, a girl with goals.

So, unbeknownst to Ellery, Kathy got the ball rolling with Adoption Rhode Island. The whole extended family was there the day Ellery officially became "daughter."

Ellery shows us that she has her own room in the home she's always wanted.

"Everyone says I'm like Annie," Ellery said.

They travel together and are just enjoying life.

And don't worry, Duke is still part of the family, and now there's Daisy, too.

Whenever Ellery needs her mom, Kathy's there. Kathy takes Ellery to a local farm to serve an internship as she works toward becoming a veterinarian someday.

Ellery and Kathy, there for each other as mother and daughter forever.

"She's the best," Ellery said, giving her new mom a hug.

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