Tuesday's Child Juliana ready to dance into your heart

Juliana, 11, likes to dance and would like to be a veterinarian one day. (WJAR)

Bursting with energy, 11-year-old Juliana jumps right into her hip-hop lesson at TLC Performing Arts Studio in Cranston.

Studio owner Tracy DiTroia and Ariana Buonanno provide the instruction, and Juliana's willingness to participate without hesitation impresses the teacher.

"She was adorable. She has the best personality," Tracy said.

Tracy is teaching more than dance steps. She's teaching civility.

"We really get the girls to work together because I always say, if girls could learn to like each other, we could rule the world," Tracy said.

Juliana agrees. Her positive interactions with others in the arts have helped her grow as a person, and so has performing on stage in talent shows.

"It boosts my confidence," Juliana said.

While she likes to dance, it's just a pastime. Her real goal is to continue to get good grades in science and become a veterinarian someday.

Julianna is respectful and reserved but also a good self-advocate. She'll let you know she wants to be adopted by someone kind. She has just a couple of other requests, too.

"My own room and animals," Juliana said.

Juliana, 11 years old, and ready to dance right into your home.

The number for Adoption Rhode Island is 401-865-6000.

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