Tuesday's Child: Meet Nyziear

Nyziear is a 14-year-old boy looking for an adoptive family that can provide him with patience and opportunities.

There is so much more to Nyziear than first impressions allow.

Although Nyziear, who is diagnosed with autism, is quite content coloring a whole piece of paper green, he's capable of so much more.

Artist Jeff Sparr connects with Nyziear at PeaceLove Studios in Pawtucket, which offers general art classes. He learns to draw a donut and shows off his penmanship.

Nyziear, 14 is limited verbally but will repeat what you say.

This interaction is eye-opening because Nyziear's DCYF social worker Terry Soares said four years ago, he was not the calm boy you see today.

"He was a young man who couldn't do much and didn't care about anything," Soares said.

He found structure with his foster parents Sandra Tokarski and her husband. They have two young biological daughters.

"The girls love having him around because he brings joy and laughter to the family," Tokarski said.

That's the kind of adoptive family Nyziear needs now: one that can provide a predictable environment, patience and opportunities because there's so much more yet to be discovered.

Call Adoption Rhode Island about Nyziear at 401-865-6000.

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