Tuesday's Child Ryan has a competitive spirit

Thirteen-year-old Ryan races at Seekonk Grand Prix. (WJAR)

"I've been hanging out with my friends and going to sleepovers," says 13-year-old Ryan.

Ryan, like most boys his age, likes being with his friends and is always looking for adventure. So, we take him to Seekonk Grand Prix for some fun.

And soon, we're off to the races.

It's neck and neck as we wind around the track. And then somebody starts to gloat, as Ryan mouths "I'm No. 1."

But pride goeth before the fall. And Ryan, obviously ready to execute his well-planned strategy, make his move on the back stretch.

He never looks back and wins the race.

"I told you I was competitive," he said.

There's more to Ryan than fun and games though. He likes math and science and wants to be adopted by a family who can help him realize his dream of becoming a scientist.

"I would like to work on all this stuff like photosynthesis," Ryan says.

Thirteen-year-old Ryan, looking for an outgoing adoptive family who can help him reach his potential.

To find out more about Ryan or any of the children in state care awaiting adoption, call Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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