Tuesday's Child Rashae sees two dreams come true

Rashae and her adoptive family. (Family photo)

Imaginative, expressive and lots of fun. We first featured Rashae when she was just a little girl. She spent much of her childhood in the care of the state Department of Children, Youth and Families.

We could see that she has an artistic eye, putting together a beautiful combination of beads to make a necklace at a Beadworks store in Providence.

She also likes music and wasn't shy at all about singing a few bars as she was preparing for an upcoming school musical and reminisced about singing with her biological mom.

"Me and my mom used to sing together, with a broom," Rashae said.

The years went by, and we did story after story with her. Rashae told us she would not give up her dreams of adoption and of going to college someday.

And now, we're happy to report that both dreams have come true.

Rashae was adopted by Melanie and Kelly, and she is completing her freshman year in college and doing very well.

There are many children waiting to be adopted. The number for Adoption Rhode Island is 401-865-6000.

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