Tuesday's Child: Sisters find security with great aunt

Biological sisters Olivia and Tyceara are happy and well-adjusted, a far cry from where they were not long ago.

The girls and their siblings were separated and put into foster care years ago. The separation was especially troubling for Tyceara because even though she was a little girl, she had a huge responsibility.

"I was, like, the mother of my siblings and I took care of them, and when you're apart from someone you really love, it's kind of hard," she said.

Finally, a social worker reached out to their grandmother's sister -- their biological great aunt -- Pamela Harry about Tyceara, Would Pam take her? Pam said she had to think about it for three days because she didn't know if she could do it.

"I didn't know anything about raising girls," Pam said. "I was living in a one-bedroom apartment."

But she said yes. Then a year later, another call: Would she take Olivia?

"Immediately, I said, 'Yes,'" Pam said. "There was no doubt. I knew this was a divine match."

And here's the best part. Their lives have changed forever. The girls are thriving, and Pam is doing things she's never done before -- like ice skating with the sisters.

Pam homeschools Tyceara, and both of the sisters feel secure.

"She comforts me and tells us it's going to be alright," Olivia said.

"God is faithful. I can tell you every step of the way, he's made a way," Pam said.

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