Tuesday's Children: Skyler and Mariah adopted

Skyler and Mariah have been adopted.

Two former Tuesday's Children have been adopted by a University of Rhode Island engineering professor and her husband, an IT manager.

For Valerie and Alfred Speredelozzi, it's the more the merrier.

Their life as parents began with Jo-Jo, who's now 14. Then along came Kyla and Elanor. But they didn't stop there. They now have five girls after recently adopting our Tuesday's Children, Skyler and Mariah.

"We had the space, we had the love, and we had the ability to help others out," Valerie Speredelozzi said.

The dynamics have changed.

"I remember when we had just one child and we'd go out to places, go out to a party, and we'd be like, 'We're at this party.' And now wherever we go, we are the party," said Alfred Speredelozzi.

We first told you about Skyler and Mariah three years ago when we went skating in downtown Providence and they were in foster care. Now, they've made a smooth transition into the Speredelozzi family.

One of the secrets to their success is doing things together as a family, like learning to snowboard at Yawgoo Valley.

The importance of this family bonding does not go unnoticed by Mariah and Skyler, who appreciate the new life and opportunities.

"They're really fun and they let me do a lot of stuff," Mariah said.

"They're loving, and they really embraced me and my sister," Skyler said.

There are still many girls and boys in state care who are waiting to be adopted. Call Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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